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At Xclusive, technology doesn’t just drive culture — in today’s hyper-connected world, technology is culture. In today’s world, understanding and embracing technology has become essential — our connection with people around us, our ability to have fun, our ability to shop, our ability to learn, and finally how we communicate with the world around us. We are the trusted authority on technology in today’s diverse sectors, bringing expertise and enthusiasm.

We embrace our individuality.
Our goal is to cultivate relationships.
Our goal is to gain knowledge.
Our decision is well-informed.
We work with purpose.

Now make your life is easier!

Xclusive Brands, the trusted f-commerce brand in Bangladesh for almost a decade, aims to provide a hassle-free online shopping experience and pre-ordering service for global brand products to its customers.

Xtntbd is a leading travel destination management company for international air ticket booking, tourism, vacation, holiday, and tour packages.

We are Bangladesh’s student visa consulting firm for the growing number of students interested in higher education abroad.

ND is a courier service operating within Dhaka (metro area) providing same day and next day delivery for packages of any size.


We have now developed powerful e-commerce (electronic commerce) for users in Bangladesh to make daily life more comfortable.


Our study abroad consultancy firm is the most trusted in Bangladesh because we provide students with a transparent, fast, and secure service.

Travel Solutions.

We are an online travel agency in Bangladesh with quick and trustworthy service for flights, hotel deals, holiday visas & packages.

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